A350 Slats

I have been recently flying the A350 and noticed that flaps 2 doesn’t seem to be working properly.

In the cockpit when I extend to flaps 2 shows that 2 notches of flaps and 2 notches of slats but on the exterior the slats do not move from position 1.
Is this a known issue?

Could be the slats are not supposed to move?

It shows that it moves on the screen in the cockpit

Oh idk then

When you mean the “slats 2” setting, you are referring to the change between 1+F and 2 right? Not from 1 to 1+F? Just want to clarify…

Flaps 1 is 1 notch of slat
Flaps 1+F is Still 1 notch of slat but also position 1 on flaps
Flaps 2 is 2 notches of slats and position 2 of flaps.

I was just watching a YouTube video and saw that the 2nd notch of slat actually moves so not to sure why it doesn’t in IF when the cockpit shows it does

I know this, I just wanted to make sure the OP understood this as well. Thanks for the helpful video though 😁

Good eye. This is a known issue and is more complex to fix than said. That being said, you’ll see your second stage of slats deploy at Flaps 3 if I recall correctly. 🙂