A350’s Galore!

Hello IFC!

Today, was my fist live flight ever with the A350! I was at Charles De Gaulle, with my beautiful AirFrance A359! As I thought, there were loads of them everywhere! So I got some opportunities to get get some cool pictures!

Flight Details

Server: Expert:

Aircraft: A350-900

Time of day: Noon, and evening

Hope you enjoyed!


Is that actual heatblur behind the engines in pictures 3 and 4?


No he just used lens blur to make it look like it. Clever idea

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Nope! as @pilot_urp said, I use a “lens blur” effect, to make it look like that!

Nice pics, that Latam A350! ☺️🤩

really nice mate, pic 5 for me love that sunset

It’s no wonder why everyone is flying that beauty…great perspective of that with these pics!

@Armani_B, thanks! One of the best livery’s out there!

@Gary_Crinnion- Thank you, glad you liked them!

@8SmartFlying, such a beauty right! Thank you too!