A350 Route Map (Part 1)

As a frequent infinite flight user, I know that many people (myself included) like to fly realistic flights.
To help keep track of all the real world routes I created some route maps. After a while of using these, and them being so helpful, I decided to share some with the IFC. The one I am sharing now, is part 1 of my a350 route maps. This map contains all the real world routes* for Aeroflot, Air Caraïbes, Air France, Air Mauritius, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern, Delta Airlines, and Ethiopian Airlines.

A350 Route Map Part 1 Link
Please note that to use this on a smartphone, I think you need the google maps app. As far as I know it works fine on a computer.

If I have missed any routes that the 10 airlines in the map fly (with the a350-900), please feel free to tell me the route and airline, and I will add it in.

As a final remark, all credit for the creation of the actual list of routes I put into the map goes to airportspotting.com

*Some of the routes included are only announced, and not actually flown yet.


How did you get the routes list, the old link to the page no longer shows the routes, for some reason. it was a full list like the 787 one below but it’s been removed.


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Hmm, that is very strange as that is the link I used. I guess they changed the site after I made the maps.

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I was about to say, you forgot Lufthansa, but then I realized the part 1. This is really cool, I hope to see part 2 soon!

If I ever need to make one of these and insert it into IFC, I’ll make sure to PM you.

Thanks! I am currently working on part two, it should be out later this week!

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