A350 rocking from side to side

Hi, on my last 2 flghts with an A350, the aircraft has rocked fairly violently from side to side when on climb out and approach. There was minimal wind and i had AP set for heading. Once the AP was disengaged I was able to fly ok with no rocking from side to side, i selected AP again and the rocking started again. Any ideas?


here is something I found that might help.

at what speed were u at? I had this problem many times as well and i noticed i had very little speed when climbing and that caused the rocking.

Thanks, that may make sense, i had more fuel than I’d normally carry. Ill try again with a lighter fuel load.

Normal climb out speed, around 240 I think

and after u pass 10K ft? do u keep it at the same speed or d u speed up?

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