A350 release

Hey I was just wondering does anyone know exactly when in December when the A350 is coming out?

No. No one does.


As said by our famous deercrusher any time before january 1st🤫 or fancy some deep knowledge? @JoshFly8 likes to think February 30th is the release date

Sorry for the tag josh


Infinite flight and the Devs don’t like to set deadlines. It was assured that it will be by the end of the month. Be patient, I promise it will pay off ;)


no, u know exactly how welcomed those topics are - either delete it, or a mod will close it as soon as he sees it. Eitherway - nobody ever knows any release date

It’s in the month of December

Ok I was just wondering if I missed something from the vid. Can a mod please close this now that I have my answer?

As far as I have understood their statement they will ship the android version when apple aproved the iOS version to get all users to it at the same time. While even apple didn’t know how long the acceptance takes no one could know. Beside that the statement above that IF-LLC didn’t publish duedates is valid.

Your wish is my command! Watch out for a post in #announcements, then you’ll know it’s here ☃️🔭