A350 realese date suggestion

Wouldent )sorry for my bad english) IT be cool if they realese the a 350 on crhistmas you know like a presant to us from infinite flight

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I dont think theres much I need to say about this, would appreciate a moderator to close this before it could escalate

They have their own set date.We don’t know when though. Just keep an eye on #announcements.

It would be nice though.

2 things we can do here.

  1. Wait
  2. See

Simple as that.


Before this gets closed:

Release dates never are set, developers take their time. If u research within social media but more importantly the development timeline u will be able to make a better guess. Discussing something like this is absolutely pointless

Oh ok im sorry i though IT would be cool you know but just close it

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I think that would be really cool! It would be the best present ever 😂

Or… a late Christmas present works as well. Literally whenever it comes out, it will become the Infinite Flight Christmas.

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Suggestion appreciated. However, there is no predetermined time as to when this aircraft will launch. As noted in some of the blogs and announcement topics, this aircraft has been noted to be in beta testing. We’ll have to wait and see when this makes its debut.