A350 question

are we getting the etihad a350? from what I recall they had initially ordered -900 and -1k variant but cancelled alot of the ordered and if you saw in the premier that there was a wing view of what looked like some sort of etihad logo (or it could have been emirates).

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I’m pretty sure not

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Keep and eye out on #announcements or the Infinite flight instagram😜 Everything is speculation unless you hear it on an official IF source

Pretty sure that it may not come.

But who knows 🤷‍♂️

The one you saw in the video was Emirates. I would say no, but it’s always a possibility. Stay tuned into #announcements for more. :)

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Nobody will be 100% sure until the a350 comes out (except the staff).

ohhh ok I was not sure thank you. I am flagging for closure

It was the emirates A350 wing view.

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It is an Emirates livery

But let’s not bring up A350 anymore. This will possibly delay the update

Etihad A350 🤷🏼‍♂️