A350 Production and Delivery thread

Hey guys, I decided to finally make this. If you know anything about the A350 production or any deliveries write about it below. This is no Airbus vrs Boeing topic so please no arguing. This is just a test to see how people will go and if it will be a good idea to make more and for people to find out more about the latest wide body from Airbus

Please feel free to comment and post pictures. The more the merrier

(credit:T.Llaurent A.NET)
Thanks, Tacobell1015

here is a website as well with more info https://sites.google.com/site/a350xwbproduction/production-list

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All you have to do is go to google, type in, “A350” and click news. Bingo.

China Airlines First A359

From L to R

MSN44 HS-THB 1st for Thai Airways
MSN30 9V-SMB 2nd for Singapore Airlines
MSN29 B-LRA 1st for Cathay

MSN052 (4R-???) 1st for SriLankan Airlines

MSN0021 (A7-ALH) 8th for Qatar Airways


Singapore Airlines 2nd (msn30) completed its second flight

msn 32 (cathay pacific) is on the flightline

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