A350 problems

When I tune an ILS to NAV1 on an a350 and select NAV1 on the gps and then appr mode… the aircraft starts banking hardly to the left and right trying to align with the localiser… anything doing wrong? I’m descending to about 3000 for the ILS intercept

The APPR mode has a habit of overshooting turns. It’s the best idea to just line up perfectly yourself slowly and steadily.

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Ok thanks… so select appr mode after aligning manually?

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Once you think you’ve got the closest you can get to the middle of the cone, yes.

Ok thank you

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No problem, make sure to give that solution to give credit. It’s alright if you don’t.

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Hey @jm2004 the APPR should align fine even if you’re not relatively lined up with the localizer. Make sure you watch your speed, 180-200kias works good whenever use it. I suggest you watch this video if you haven’t already done so.

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Hi… thanks I think I’ve seen this video but will watch again to recap… I tend to activate the approach mode at about 160 knots at the start of the cone… is the probably too slow… and if it is what speed should I approach at?

180 is generally a good speed for the beginning of the cone. I used 220 this morning and APPR still worked, so you can go up to 220 if you’d like (but not advisable, especially in an environment with ATC). It depends on your aircraft and weight, but 180 (give or take a few) is a good beginning speed.

Ok… thank you very much!

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