A350 “porpoising”

Whenever I fly the a350, the jet “porpoises” until it levels off (around 10K today). Porpoising refers to the shimmying (yawing) side to side as she climbs. We used to experience it sometimes flying the E-3, and I’m assuming other 707s as well. Is this intentional or am I not applying the power/climb correctly? Anyone else experiencing this phenomenon?


That usually means you’re climbing too fast for the aircraft’s weight

I normally don’t go over 2200 ft/min (below 10k feet) on large aircraft, so it never happened to me


I’m sure I would’ve noticed this however I don’t recall seeing this behaviour on the A350.

It might very well be intentional who knows but just going by words it’s hard to visualise. Maybe if you can give us the airspeed at which you got to that altitude we can try to reproduce this phenomenon.

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Liberate your Trent XWBs or GE90s, they’re well capable of providing enough power to exceed this climb rate.

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I notice this when I fly with A350.

Most of the time when I notice this, it’s when I am doing ULH routes (SIN-JFK) and first thing that comes to mind is weight, climb power and of course climb VS.


After doing some searching, here is likely what is happening:

  • You are too heavy for the trim you are using. By the looks of it, the most common way aircraft porpoise is when the trim is too little or heavy. To know what trim to use. Adjust your trim so the little purple line next to the trim disappears. This means that you’re trimmed correctly. Adjust this as needed.
  • Porpoising can also happen if your aircraft is flying too fast or too slowly, too. Make sure that you are following standard climb profiles (Speeds and vertical speeds) in order to maintain a standard climb. Pitching too high is what can tend the yaw to start shimmying and cause porpoising

Hopefully this helps!


I know, I just do it for the purpose of realism tbh

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It even does it when you’ve just taken off from the ground, they need to maximise the n1 speed past 100% to like 109% or something just like with the 787, maximum on here is 100% and that’s why you experience yawing because of not enough thrust energy being produced to lift off. In real life it definitely doesn’t do it, so I hope they fix this problem sooner or later!

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