A350 Past Maximum cruising Altitude! (Results)

Okay, so a couple of minutes ago, I decided to take an A350 past its max cruising Altitude. I was in solo mode taking of at RWY 25 at KDEN, fuel 1 hr, no passengers or cargo, sped up the time to 5x to insure I would get there fast.

  • The testing circumstances, including speed, were not anything like real world aviation. The throttle was at 100% and N1 was at 101%.

Here are the Results:

  • A350 had a steady climb of 1000fpm
  • Climbed past FL410 - Started to play the game
  • Climbed past Fl430 - Still good
  • Climbed past FL 460 - Hanging in there
  • Climbing past FL480 - Start to experience some troubles
  • FL485 A350 stalls into a steep nosedive

If you enjoyed this topic tell me in the comments what aircraft, you would like me to send past it’s maximum cruising altitude!


Geez. Can you try doing it with max fuel, cargo and pax to see what happens?

On it, I will do that flight immediately, would you like the same conditions - KDEN RWY25 departure?

FL350 at most…

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I’ve been able to get to FL370 in it, BUT it wasn’t how the plane would be flying normally 😂 Flaps, trim, full throttle, barely keeping it up

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Surprised you didn’t mention the top secret Easter Egg at 40,000👀

I just did a pretty stable cruise @ FL470 on the A350, it can go pretty high.

Flight Note: No Passengers, No Cargo, Limited Fuel

Nice job!

I kinda like these topics, keep pushing the limits of these planes! Try the 757 next (make sure you do it before the rework).


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