A350 Passenger View

Unfortunately, Jason has confirmed that the A350 will not have a cabin in the first version of the A350. However, it might be something that will come at a later date.


Oh nooo! :(

Probably one of the things I least care about.

One of the things I care about the most. :(

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In the premier, it seemed like the windows were transparent, so we have a good chance that there will be an interior!

But can you imagine if there are actual pax, when you change the pax amount, people inside will disappear/appear, how lovely would that be 😍

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Will the A350 have a cabin view?

Not in the first version. No word for you right now beyond that. Just focus on flying the airplane

I think Jason addresses this issue: he said they aren’t shipping the current version with a cabin view, but future updates may bring it. Hopefully it’s in the near future


It was confirmed earlier during the development. They said it gonna come with later updates

Having passenger cabin reduces the engine noise to a much tolerable level that’s why we all wanted.

I am not sure, but my guess is that it probably will because when the premier came out for 19.4, one of the views was from behind the Co-Pilot seat in the A359 so there is a chance that the rest of the views will be within the cabin.