A350 Overspeeds

I racked up some violations and I’m trying to understand what happened. I looked at the video but I can’t decipher what exactly happened. I’m only looking for someone who can help me figure it out. Thanks in advance

It could have been you were over speeding,

You cant go over 250 IAS under 10,000FT

But the HUD made it seem like I was going 976 kias at cruise and the cockpit display showed 500 which, once again, I wasn’t going because my ground speed was maximum ~500 at cruise.

Look at your logbook, it should specify which type of violation it was

It is overspeeding and I understand that part, I don’t understand how it happened and the disparity of the KIAS speed

The replay only records your GS in the HUD.

The speed limit (structural limit) for airliners is 350 knots indicated air speed (KIAS)

I get that but it is impossible for me to go 950+ in an A350

All I need is a mod or something who can look at my replay and tell me exactly what happened

You haven’t supplied your replay to anyone for us rk help decipher what happened… maybe start with that to get the ball rolling instead of being slightly salty.

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Can you help me with that please

Use this to help you upload a flight. You need to ‘share’ your replay first by uploading it to your Google Drive or ICloud…

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look at your log book and move on.

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