A350 Overnight Long Haul!

The expert server ATC was focused around Europe today and I flew a long haul route that had me end up in Brussels, Belgium, where I was greeted by IFATC and brought to a safe conclusion :)

Flight Info

  • Route: MMMX - EBBR
  • Flight Time: 10hr 48min
  • Server: Expert
  • Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
  • Airline: Air France


Thanks for reading!! Which one do you like the most? :)


Nice pictures! When did you depart? I departed Mexico City at 11:00 pm cdt yesterday, and I flew to EGLL in ES. My favorite picture was the third to last one.

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Oops I didn’t mean to delete that ^_^

I think I remember seeing you! I tapped on you and saw you going the same direction! Thanks for reading!

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Some amazing pictures 😁

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I’m glad you chose to keep them at least mostly unedited, and made really good work of framing the shots instead of relying on edits to make them good. Those are definitely some of the best shots I’ve seen here, and I don’t usually give praise to #screenshots-and-videos topics, but those are really good, especially #6.

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Really nice shots mate, definitely nice to see some unedited shots for once. Well done mate!



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Thanks a lot!

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Yea, I notice that sometimes people edit a majority of their photos as well. I usually don’t edit any of my photos and let Infinite Flight’s already beautiful aircraft and scenery to stand out :) Thanks!

Thanks so much! I agree! :)

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Hehe thanks man!!

Great Shots!

Thank you so much!!

Great Pictures! I think my favorite is number 5. Beautiful shot of the flight deck!

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I just love the wing view shots there just amazing especially when the sun is rising or setting.

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Thanks! Yea, I like using all the cameras that are available!

Thanks so much! I like sunrise and sunset as well :)