A350 Orange Pride Concept


While it appears KLM has transferred the seven A350s it had on order to Air France in favor of additional B787s, an image has been created of one in the Orange Pride livery. Although I’ve never seen this livery in person, I think it would have looked amazing on the A350. There’s no word as to whether the striking orange paint will ever be added to any of KLM’s current or future B787s. What are your thoughts on this? (Photo Credit: rikoooo.com)


WoW that livery looks outstanding on this aircraft. Although, I don’t think this will be realised in the real world since KLM has said to not use the A350 for its company. Hopefully in the future!

This livery has a way better look than only a blue paint! 😍


Personally I think the Orange Pride livery fitd better on the A350 than the 777.


I agree with you - with the black A350 ‘sunglasses’ and the thin red stripe that looks incredible!


This looks surprisingly good actually

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That’s amazing! I don’t think it’ll come out but if it does, that would be my favorite livery/plane 😍

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