A350 or B787

A350 or B787… which do you prefer. Here’re is a side by side view of both these beauties landing.


I love the A350 and the work the devs put into it but I’ve still gotta go with the true American beauty, the 787. If they bring that up to the quality of the 350 and soon to be 777 then it will be truly the best plane to ever hit the Infinite Flight skies.


Amazing timing with the comparison!

But yeah, I’m going to have to agree with @KGJT-9149 , the B787 is amazing


The 787 just looks better. I like flying the A350 in game, but if it comes down to real life, 787 every day. coming from a guy thats only been on a 737 and MD-80


B787 all the way! I still like the A350 though


A350 is imo better. I don’t like the B787, it floats too much.


The A350 is superior in every way. #Airbusgang

And I know what you’re thinking…wait, I prefer the 787. Well that’s okay.

It’s okay to be wrong sometimes.

jokes aside, I really genuinely think the A350 looks and flies better. Perhaps it’s just because it’s newer though, I’ll have to see.


I will have to go with the 350

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I’ve flown on the B787 and A350 and I have to say that the Dreamliner is a hella lot noisier than the Raccoon!


Great video @D3nt0n21!


I’m and always will be an Airbus lover. So A350 all the way (it’s my favorite plane IRL too). I’ve been to the Airbus Factory and I say a raccoon being built and boom my love for the A350 has popped up.

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A350 definitely.


I do love the 787, it is my go to plane when I want to fly a Boeing, but as someone said it is very floaty, like the a330 the a350 is just so easy to land smooth, plus the wing tips are just amazing on the a350, so Airbus all the way with me 😂

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if the 787 was the quality of the a350 it would be the 787 but if we are talking about the current tupdate, definitely the a350. (I normally fly the 777 on long haul flights so i’m more excited about the 777 rework than the a350)

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i was gonna do this topic but i did not have time
and, B787! all day! baby, still fly the a350 but still like the 787!

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In terms of performance the A359 is vastly superior to the 787. It can fly farther, and takes off using less runway under the same conditions. Also, the A359 isn’t giving its operators all sorts of problems, but on the other hand you have the 787 which was plagued with battery issues, engine issues, and even build quality issues. The 787 is an example of “good in theory, bad execution”. It’s a great design that has been plagued with issues, so in my opinion the A359 is superior. It performs better and does not have issues.

The 787 will always win


Something a fanboy would say.

Easily the Boeing 787. Even though they look similar, the 787 really stands out to me.

I could be wrong but the A350 might not have had as many problems as the 787 because the technology was already there and the kinks were worked out with the 787. So in that sense the A350 is better but the 787 was more revolutionary. It paved the way for more carbon composite, computer controlled planes like the A350. In this the 787 is and will be superior to the A350. Plus the 787 is more versatile. The smaller -8 variant allowed airlines to open Ultra Long Haul flights never deemed possible on planes like the 767, 777, 747, A340, A330 and A350. Again, the A350 was only able to be more advanced and less problematic because the 787 came first, tested and I’d say perfected the technologies that were implemented into the A350. Had the 350 came first then the 787 would have probably been less problematic. Due to these factors I’d say the 787 is and always be superior and more revolutionary than the A350.

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These is gonna be hard for me to choose because I love both of them. My favorite Boeing plane is 787 and favorite Airbus is A350 so…

I gonna pick 787 just because I’m Boeing fan :)

Doesn’t mean I don’t like A350 though.