A350 or 787

Hi guys. Today I’m making a poll of which plane is better.

A350 is the newest plane ever released and it flies now for Qatar Airways and Vietnam airlines. It consist of the -800, -900 and -1000. More info below:

The Boeing 787 is also a new aircraft from Boeing. It’s now operated in Multiple countries such as the US, Japan, Middle East, Poland, England etc. It consist of the -8, -9 and -10 varient and the -8 and -9 is already operating. More info below:

Back to the Poll. What you’re here for. Vote for what you love and comment why!

  • A350
  • 787
  • Both

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I have never flown with them.
I choose the A350, cause the Dreamliner isn’t well sized.

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Since the A350 is relatively new is not a suprise that anyone never took it.

Dreamliner is less-wide? Like A350 you’ll do like a 3-3-3 seating but on the 787 you do like a 2-4-2? I think 2-4-2 is kinda more comfortable.


It’s always the a350


@The_Atwood_Family May I know why?

Not only the interior… The design is strange. In my eyes the B788 looks like fat kid :P

It’s a good plane for medium haul flights.


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You mean those flights like DOH-AMS?

I personally like the design of the 787 more and I think the A350 even copied some concepts of the 787. Anyways. Let’s carry on the poll

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Both-I have no preference

Hahahahaha. Sometimes is a hard decision. 777 vs A340 is the hardest topic I ever got. I like both of them!

The seating depends on the carrier.

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Well said.

Yes. If you put like a 3-3-3 seating on the 787 then it will suck a lot

@HV9690 I meant I will always choose any Airbus plane. My bad for making it confusing

I see. Lol. I thought people are only like if it’s not Boeing I’m not going kind of people

Ok A350 is beating 787 by 1 vote. Hahahaha

The great argument starts :/

Hahahahaha. But is an interesting topic though

Really don’t see why people have to argue over something this simple. You can like the plane and the other person has every right to like the other plane. Simple stuff. No need to start a flame war because someone doesn’t agree with you. If no flamewar rises from this thread, my faith in the forum will be partially restored.

Agree. Like people don’t need to agree with you. They can have their own opinion. Hope the war won’t start…