A350 Or 787 revell build

Im planning to build ethier the Airbus A350 Carbon Livery (F-WWCF) or the Boeing 787 House colours (N787BX) i can’t decide though so please vote on which one you want to see built[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • Airbus A350 Carbon Livery
  • Boeing 787 House colours
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How exactly? You can’t be building this to actually fly…

Its a model dont worry


The 787 is a fine looking bird, that’s the one I’d choose! In the dreamliner blue livery it’d be stunning.


The a350 in the carbon livery is beautiful the 787 in house colours is eww


I used to hate the 787 because of what boeing did with it but i find it okay now

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Thanks everyone A350 Carbon Livery it is, i will post pictures of the completed model

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I’m going to build the 747 sca with space shuttle soon this will be awesome, too

Yes, if it’s that livery then go with the 787.
If it’s the other livery on the 787-8, then go with the A350.

Good luck post the pics please so i can see them

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I’m currently working on my HH 60J Jayhawk Coast Guard helicopter. But it will be the one after

Now with my USCG Jayhawk finished, I’m going to start my 747sca.

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How about your a350?

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