A350 or 777

Both. Simple answer. Why? Because for the VA’s i am in, i’ll have access to fly both. And they’re both long haul/ultra long haul aircraft. They both have beautiful wing profiles, and wing flex…


But if you had to choose one which one would you pick? Despite their similarities, they each have their own respective unique characteristics that makes them what they are.

A350 it’s new. We already have the 777.

True, but both are being reworked, so even with a reworked 777 you would still prefer the A350 (not an attack)?

That depends on if the A350 has new sounds, if not 777 gang all the way.

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I fly the 777-200/300 on almost all my flights but I’m pretty excited for the A350 especially using the Delta livery image


Only if they had the huge spool and roar implemented then I would love 777 better than the A350

Unless they include the United livery on the A350 (they ordered the -900) then I’ll say 777

I have not heard anything since UA ordred the A359, it’s not even on the “future delivery” page.

Great. Another question I’ll have a brain aneurysm trying to decide.

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777 as its my fav Aircraft. but I also cant wait to get the A350 as its defenitely an interessting Aircraft too


I haven’t given up hope yet that SWISS might get the A350 after all. Last March the Lufthansa Group ordered new A350s and 787s for itself, Austrian and SWISS… However, I think 787 will be more likely to join the fleet. We’ll see!

But between the two planes at hand: The 777 it is for me as well! Such a great plane.


They were supposed to be delivered in 2018 but UA delayed the delivery to 2022

Both are nice, the A350 usually newer and more comfortable. Better comfort in my view than the A380.

I went for 777, first time I went on one was when I was three on Qatar, I just remember thinking that engine sounds awesome

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I flown on the the A350 and 777 on my company, and as much as I love the 777 the A350 is my vote. Stunning aircraft.


I think it will be the 787, but could be the A350 too… so A330/340 Pilots don’t need a big Education to get the new License… anyway, I like both Aircrafts, but a Swiss A350 would look neat tho

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I’ve got to partially agree with @Zak_Plant on this one & say the A350 because of the added realistic route options it will provide.

The a350 is a flying computer, which is why I like it!

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777 is insanely practical. I like the looks of the sleek A350, but if it ain’t Boeing we ain’t going.

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