A350 ois, will it come out


on the A350 will the oil ever actually show well…the ois???

Maybe, maybe not. Only the devs know.

what’s the “devs”??

Some people say yes some say no. You can only hope

Like Laura and Misha etc

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i really do hope so

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isn’t there also the ws?

What do you mean by WS?

Maybe, maybe not

View this for 20.1 to answer most of you questions

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Misha for what I know does not create 3D models tho 😀


in the a350 in the middle there is a black screen saying ws i think

ah okay. I didnt know

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All things that are announced to come, can be found on infiniteflight.com, in #announcements or in #blog

Creating a topic and asking for every little thing that is missing, will be a whole lot of work for you. Especially since there’s no answers :)


you put the same post on my last topic

true thanks anyway