A350 OIS Display

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I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time now and it’s only right that I share it with you all. On the A350, there is a system called the OIS which stands for “Onboard Information Service”

The main job of the OIS is to show the Captain and First Officer information that they could need during the flight such as the Map/Charts/OFP. However, currently Infinite Flight doesn’t offer the OIS I believe this is due to lack of systems which can be displayed. I believe it’s a good idea that they show the live map which shows your Flight Plan, Traffic and FIR’s.

Here is the original OIS display vs My concept one.

Im not a dev, but I presume this would be very resource intensive. Maybe just a map of where you are, or nearest airports, Independently. And we aren’t even sure if they can add that animated data there


Hi, the coding for the aircraft is written in C# I believe. I only meant for the map to be added for example in my concept design.

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It’s probably not as easy as it sounds.

In its current state, the map is simply a 2d overlay on your screen, which is relatively easy to draw.

If you move it to the OIS display, you then have to constantly render it at different angles, and possibly as (don’t quote me) a 3d object. We saw how long it took for us to get animated cockpit screens, and they do have quite a performance hit.

To add onto this, not everyone likes to fly around with a map turned on. It’s a cool idea, and you should vote for your own feature 😬


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