A350 Nd 777 Update

I know that the a350 and 777 update are coming out soon. I know its a big thing for all of us. But what I want to point out is that it will come with high graphics. Graphics that my phone may not tolerate. And im not gonna go buy a 800 dollar phone and pay 10 dollar subscription to fly IF

So please IF development team make sure to note that not all people have iphone 11s and latest Samsung phones and develop something smooth so other users can enjoy

Thank you
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Hi there!

When IF aircraft are designed, they are designed to sustain an ordinary phone, by using low-poly rendering as a solution to avoid these things from happening.

@Josh_Tomaz the OP is not making a request, but rather a message to the devs.

This isn’t a feature request


Sorry my friend but i am new to this

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This will really depend to what device are you currently using. I can tell you, if your phone can handle the current live instrumentals, you should handle the Airbus A350.

And no, you won’t need an iPhone 11 or any latest phones to handle the latest updates.


No problem, everyone makes mistakes, (as you just saw)

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The thing is with this, Infinite Flight developing at the pace it is, older devices are naturally going to struggle to run the simulator.

Older hardware always is going to struggle to render and smoothly run aircraft with hundreds of layers, animations and so forth, even with low poly rendering, there’s only so much a device is capable of drawing…

With new high quality features comes a hit to performance… I understand a lot of people have older phones that may not handle the simulator as well, but if Infinite Flight never innovated or improved, it’d still be developed to run on the windows phone, have no live instruments, probably not have global and just be pretty basic in general.

It’s the same as owning a gaming computer where after a few years the hardware will struggle to run newer games. Sure, not everyone can afford to buy a £2000 graphics card just so they can run Minecraft with ray tracing, so they buy something cheaper and run at lower graphics settings.

As much as I hate to admit it, you can pick up older iPads for a couple of hundred, and they’re normally pretty good at running the simulator, so perhaps with Christmas round the corner, it might be worth asking Santa for a new one 😜

(Don’t tag developers in future also)


If the gameplay does turn out to not be smooth, just lower your graphics. I have a Samsung Tab S2 (2015) and ever since global came out, I could no longer run it on the highest graphics. Forget highest graphics, it couldn’t even run on medium graphics. I play on the lowest graphics settings possible and that doesn’t bother me. Aircrafts with live instruments lag on my device and frame rates do drop but it is what it is.

Plus don’t worry, Infinite Flight always makes sure that the updates they bring along can accommodate older devices (with a few sacrifices that the user of that device could/would have to make such as lowering graphics or what not).

Has any of the developers thought about adding FPS to see what FPS it gets down to?

There used to be a FPS counter in the simulator when global first released but it was since removed.

Many android devices are able to display the FPS the display is currently running out.

With frame rate limiter turned off, the simulator will run up to 60FPS, with frame rate limiter on it drops to 30FPS, and battery saver drops it again to 10FPS.

It doesn’t go uncapped unfortunately or I’d be running it at 120fps on my razer phone 😜

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I didn’t mention any developers though, I was mentioning how they should

@Helmethead wasn’t referring it to you but the owner of this post.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding mate

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We always do our best trying to optimize our new content as much as possible, allowing it to be used on as many devices as possible :)