A350 Nav Lights

Hi everyone! So I was wondering if someone else had this small bug or issue: When you turn on the Nav Lights on the A350 , you can see them when you’re zoomed in on the aircraft, but when you zoom out at certain point they turn off. Note that all my graphics are always set on high.
Anyways, it’s not much of a crazy issue, but I would like to know if it’s just me.
Thanks in Advance and have a great week!


I am flying right now and cannot reproduce this for myself, but my guess is that this has to do with the LOD (Level of Detail) feature. To explain it briefly, this feature reduces the quality of aircraft rendering when your camera is far away because at a far distance little details on the fuselage cannot be noticed, so there’s no point in rendering them. This feature helps to improve the performance of your device. I’m guessing this feature also removes NAV lights from being rendered at a far distance. Once I land I’ll be able to test this for you and if the NAV lights are cut off too soon, I’ll report it. Thanks for pointing this out! :)


Oh i see thanks a lot for the help appreciate it!

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How can I access this option?

It’s already enabled by default within the simulator. You cannot turn it off and on, it’s always on.

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Are there other ways to turn off?

No there aren’t. Why would you want to turn it off? It is barely noticable (if at all) and has significant performance improvements.


I wouldn’t turn it off if I could, it’s better to have more improvements in my opinion.

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