A350 making a small dive when disengaging A/T

Hi there!
I’m just wondering if it just happens to me or there is someone else that also is affected by it.
So imagine when you are on the absolute final stages of the approach and have captured the ILS, Glideslope and lined up with the runway centerline. I like to keep the autopilot/auto-throttle on until the last 500 feet to maintain a staple approach, and when I finally disconnect the auto-throttle the A350 suddenly makes a little dive making my approach unstable. I have tried to fix this by calibrating before I start the approach but that doesn’t help… I hope some of you know what’s going on!

I’d suggest calibrating not only at the start of the approach, but before you disengage the autopilot.

Also, what is your speed, flaps setting, and trim setting?

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Adding some trim as well as pulling up immediately after calibrating has helped me in the past. It comes down to where your plane is headed with APPR vs where your device is when you calibrate. Calibrating puts the controls to neutral so you would need to pull up to get it back to where it should be.

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I’ve experienced similar where I have nothing on except for the auto throttle and when I disengage on short final, it feels like my aircraft lost all the trim adjustments even though it didn’t. I’ve adapted by not using the auto throttle at all and just adjusting the throttle to be around the speed I want it when on approach.

Thanks a lot!
When I takeoff/land my iPad is always on a flat table and I’m sure that you have way more experience than me so what would you recommend in terms of the trim settings? :D

Alright I will!
My usual approach with this aircraft varies from 130-150 kts depending on the weight.
Always full flaps and around +10-30%.

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