A350 liveries

Hello! May i ask what are the possible or list of liveries for the a350? Ty

There is no official list of A350 liveries. Remember, they’ve barely begun working on it, so livery announcements won’t come for a while.

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Oh okay thanks

Yeh 1 year :(

What do you mean? There is no indication it will be in a year. It could be tommrow, or in a decade, we have no idea except that they’re working hard on it.


I think the staff never announce the liveries. Since every new Aircraft development we can only confirm only a few new liveries coming. But the rest comes in as a surprise. ;)

Not with me I mean idk I guess they’ll have some updates in between those 12 months
Probably nothing exciting but the Xcub

The question has been answered, no need to keep commenting. Continue discussion in the A350 feature thread please.

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I would ask why you look so negatively upon it. Look at any other year, they release several exciting things. It will be no different. They’re working hard on several things, so keep calm, they’re doing great stuff