A350 liveries

So Infinite flight has decided to leak some news of the a350 that they are making.So some people might want some certain livery’s knowing Infinite flight they will add the some good livery’s. Comment if you want certain livery’s and hopefully IF see this :)

I would use the #features category for this :) As of now, there is a wide selection of requests for the A350 to chose from.

Ok thx I’ve never made a post so :(


We actually already have a location for livery requests, its would be #features where many are currently requesting A350 liviries, such as this one:

Air Caraïbes Airbus A350-941

Please post there for a livery that has not already been requested and be sure to follow the guidelines.


Don’t worry, when you reach TL2 (member), you can make any request you desire. :)

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