A350 lights

Hello guys
I tried to spawn at OJAI on an A350, but i noticed that all lights are not working… I tried on solo and everything went fine so the problem is only when flying online… I have flown an A350 before without any problems but today i noticed the issue… My device is iPad Air 2019 and it’s updated to the latest IOS version. I did restart the app and my device with no avail…
below is a video explaining the issue where i tried to put some lights on/off but all weren’t working… Any idea about that?

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If restarting the App / Device doesn’t solve the issues, then try uninstall and reinstall the app and see if that maybe works?

If not, then I hope someone else is able to assist you further.

Thanks for offering a help… I have huge amounts of flights which I don’t want to lose by unistalling the app… Would appreciate other solutions

Lose? – You mean the replays?

And you are sure master switch is on?

His engines were on, then wouldn’t the master switch be on too, for the engines to work?

Yes! I don’t want to loose all my replays by unistalling the app… The issue is weird though

If he use auto start lights should be on

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OMG! Didn’t notice that🤦‍♂️… Let me check that first… Thanks for reminding me of this

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Ah that’s true. Auto Start but the Master Switch off, does not turn the lights on… Smart there Andre ;)

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Thanks a lot… I did not use the auto start but i forgot to turn the master switch on… It’s my fault actually… Thanks for help🙏🙏

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No worries, happy to help!
Safe flights


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