A350 Landing gear Camera view

So I was landing on final with the A350 and I noticed something with the landing gear or ‘bottom’ camera view. Compared to all other aircraft, in the gear view the whole landing gear is visible and it’s surroundings but In the A350, even when zoomed out Max, the landing gear is not fully visible and I find it very irritating

Have a look at the A330 and B747-8 compared to A350 gear view:

A330 Gear view:

747-8 Gear view:

A350 Gear view:

The difference is quite noticeable. Btw all these images are fully zoomed out. I think this should be changed if possible on the A350 Bottom view.


I have the same problem so what I do is I zoom in on only 1 gear and watch and it works

Yes I tried that, however it’s still not the best

Ok well that’s how I do it but other wise I don’t know what to do

The A350 in general is a wider than usual plane (model wise, not the actually irl build). This is an issue not only present here, but also in the cockpit. The current cockpit for the A350 is quite wide, much wider than what it is meant to be in proportion.

I believe this is simply a result of that. Regardless though, the shots still look great!

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I think the devs should look into altering the camera position

I personally see no issue with this at all. The A350-900 is just an especially wide aircraft that means that the landing gears are places further from the camera than usual. I don’t think moving the camera would be a wise use of the developer’s time as they would have plenty of other things they are hoping to complete.

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Is it just me that finds this inconvenient?

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