A350 Landing edit

Just yesterday, I made an awesome (in my opinion) A350 edit, where I landed a Cathay Pacific A359 at VHHH in the cockpit view. I added some GPWS too… Hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe, my sub goal is 600 😃


Aircraft: Cathay Pacific A350-900
Callsign: Cathay 179
Route: n/a
Cruising Altitude: n/a
Cruising Speed: n/a
Flight Time: n/a
Server: Solo


Do you like it?

You just edited a a350 in?

Besides the very late touchdown that looked very noice 👌👌
Thanks for visiting my home airport! Can’t wait for the A350!

I mean the editing is good, but the not so good landing kinda kills it for me…

You pull back to much, smoothness is one of many factors in a good landing, and you sacrificed alot of other factors for the smoothness


Great video! 😃👍🏻

Great editing skills! I love how you added the call outs which adds to the realism. Good job.

Well the late touchdown was due to the head on 27kts winds I was experiencing…

Thanks Asher!

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Well, all the more you should butter XD. But good work anyway

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Very nice!

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Indeed… Haha 😂

The landing wasn’t late, right after that last insult from the GPWS, you hear the very faint sound of a touchdown.


How did you get the A350 early?

Indeed… But I did have a 27kts headwind.

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He has edited in an image of an A350 cockpit from another flight sim (i presume)

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(12:00am) and sorry just looks like infinite flight

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Best place to touchdown would’ve been at around 0:34 in the video, but the actual touchdown was about 10 seconds later.
Also, the GWPS call-outs might not be edited in perfectly since he looked like he was at 20 ft when the 50 ft call-out sounded and 10ft at the 40-30 ft call-outs.


Correct! Good job 👏

Now, go back and remake it with the actual A350.