A350 keeps making app crash

Hello. Literally 2 minutes ago, I was 10 minutes out from LAX in the Singapore a359. I’d been flying for 14 hours, all the way from SIN. I announced on Unicom I was inbound, then my screen went black and IF restarts. Lost all progress, and it won’t let me see the replay.
The same thing happened last night. I was flying a a350, from JFK-DOH, and when I woke up IF had crashed and my iPad was off. I am yet to complete a successful flight and this is very frustrating. Can anyone help please? Here is a picture of the replay:

It’s the top two

Has anyone else had this problem? I know it happened to @BadPlane too

Try taking a look at this:

Note: This may not prevent crashes, but it makes it less likely.

Thats my Topic Alright. Was pissed after not getting to land that beutey.

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I see. @BadPlane have you flown the a350 since then using the tips or no

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Me and @BadPlane use the same device too I see now

Thank you for your help. Greatly appreciated. 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

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I used the restart tip before WMKK-WSSS and thats it @Suhas . I got to short final, But all the A350s loading in caused it to crash. I even had lowered graphics to medium (Usually works with high).

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Try turning plane count to low.

Also you can turn down the graphic settings to low for both. However I’m not sure if changing them affects RAM usage or just CPU usage. You need to try make the app use the least amount of RAM cuz the issue apparently is a memory leak, not lag.

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i have the same problem. what device do u use?

I use a iPad Mini 4

i use Iphone 6 to fly short/medium/long haul

do u have any third party apps? bcs right dont use IFA , and it works well. when i use IFA, App crashed several times

Low or None Plane count doesnt help at all. The issue is long term memory leaking because of iOS13. Any device that isnt the iPad Pro is dead right now on flying in the A350 longer than 6 hours

Yeah, I’ll use a 788 till a hotfix is pushed

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