A350 jerking left and right

Why is my A350 just waving left and right?

That behaviour usually comes with the aircraft going too slow with the AP turned on. / close to stall.

so 200kts is toooooo slow?

That depends on your weight, altitude and a bunch of other things.

Well i’m doing Newark to Singapore. 90% fuel. Is that too much?

So, you’re going 200 knots at cruise in a heavy jet?

no no noooooo i just took off and put autopilot to keep hdg and it just started waving around

200kts without flaps, at that weight on a climb? Yep, that’s too slow.


I used 1+F flaps!

That’s not much of a help either. What are you doing at 200kts?

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I had just rotated

Alright, what was your VS and trim?

2000 v/s Trim:15%

That is not the time to use the AP.

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Hmm, I’m no expert at aviation yet any tips when to turn on the A/P in the A350?

When you’ve picked up some speed and started to stabilize.
On any heavy aircraft, our AP will have troubles keeping it level if it’s really heavy and flying at low speeds.

Also why is the ETE to dest red when i packed enough fuel?

Well, it’s an 18 hour flight, so you ought to be heavy. Step climb later this evening to a higher altitude and it will improve.

Also, make sure that you are at a reasonable initial speed and altitude.

Heavier Weight = More thrust
Once you get lighter, the ETE will turn white.

I’m at 35,000 and it says 19 hrs, Is it cause of winds and stuff?