A350, Islands, Moon and more

Hi Pilots, Developers, Moderators, IFATC,
and whoever else there is,

After taking a short break from the IFC, I decided to try out some new planes and photos… And here it is.

The Infinite Flight development team was busy working on FAOR (O R Tambo International Airport) in Africa. They have recently finished, and they need a break. Why don’t we go on holiday in Africa? Along with Infinite Flight pilot @Julien_Narayanasawmy, the whole dev team went to Mauritius. Africa was so beautiful that they decided to move on to the Seychelles. Infinite Flight chartered an Airbus A350 to fly them to their next destination. Captain Martha and Fred were my copilots in the cockpit. Enjoy!

Details that no one except for me bothered to make interesting

Server: Training
Time: 9307 seconds (do the maths yourself)
Route: Foxtrot India Mike Papa -
Foxtrot Sierra India Alpha (work it out yourself)

Here’s our ride: 3B-NBP, a 2017-built Airbus A350-941.

Why is this plane empty?! Were they late for their flight?

Air Mauritius 851 Heavy, cleared for take-off, runway 14

V2, positive rate, gear up. Nyoooooooooooooom, as an Air France Boeing triple seven three hundred er (not pictured) comes in to land behind my Airbus three fifty nine hundred.

To Infinite Flight and beyond.

Cream coloured ponies and crisp apple strudels
Door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
White planes that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favourite things

Views from 39000ft.
Life’s a beach, and then you fly.

Well there I was on a fine Wednesday morning
Just us and our A350
On an island I’ve never been to before
We were on short final and nothing everything was looking right
I was seeing red over white, red over white
And I couldn’t seem to remember how that saying went but
I was staring straight down at the runway
And all I could think of was setting myself up
To graciously land butter grease this perfectly good airplane.
And off in the distance I heard my GPWS

The Airbus calling me silly


Buttering the bread Greasing with a crosswind on Runway 31

P. S. Can anyone tell me why my passengers were missing? I saw them at their not Trivago hotel after the flight.

I hope you liked it. Thanks.

Tags: @Julien_Narayanasawmy, our fellow IF pilot from Mauritius, @Aviation108 who started the ‘You Can Always Go Around’ and ‘nyoooom’, @Pilot_Felix who invented aviation onomatopoeia, @swiss for an obvious reason and finally @IF_International, who paraphrased a verse from The Sound of Music.

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wow nice flight and love the commenting u did along the way. Also u must of forgot to idle ur engines, the plane screamed at you retard 3 times🤣🤣.

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That made a smooth landing :)

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Interesting, wasn’t it?

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very interesting

Amazing topic and incredible shots…
But your passengers didn’t have seat that’s why they didn’t come lol!

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You mean these?

I was just trying to be funny haha…

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Hahaha this was fun and super interesting to read! Great job! Very original topic you got there!

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Thanks a lot! I spent almost two hours screenshotting and making the topic… But was totally worth it.

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I know and I just adding to it lol

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As always, life’s a beach, and then you fly.

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