A350 is needed in game.

It would be nice to have the Airbus A350 in the game. I only know the Vietnam livery for this plane. Please help me find more liveries for this plane! Also like if you think this is a good idea LIKE!😀

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Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately this is a duplicate and you must be Tier level three to post in #features.

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i’m not sure but i think this may be duplicate. also don’t forget,
singapore airlines
qatar airlines
cathay pacific

Here’s the link, comment all the liveries you want in this post. Welcome to the forum!

Ummm yeah, it hasn’t been announced possibly in the future but I’m not here to ruin your dreams.

yeahhh. please next time check if it is duplicate

Actually you can since level 2 (member)

My bad. I’m not familiar with ranks, I just know what I am. RIP Regular.

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