A350 instruments and navigation tutorial

I love the new a350 and it’s awesome how realistic the new instruments an navigation systems are becoming, but we really need to get a tutorial video on how to navigate and (auto)land the a350. Right now I don’t understand anything at all of the new autopilot with gps, nav1 and nav2, and how to use autoland.

Update is amazing by the way!! Love your work! Realism is getting better and better so thanks for all the effort!

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There are already tutorials for that :)
Have you checked #tutorials?

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@schyllberg i linked them below since you’re a busy man🙂


Okay I am sorry, apologies, thought there were only tutorials on YouTube… my fault!

Thanks for the great update


And also;

Navigating Infinite Flight :)


That was the second one that didn’t feel like loading in properly 😜

What is the difference between appr mode and setting an ILS approach in nav1 and then switching the source from gps to nav1?


Alright, sorry for this late response, just woke up!

APPR mode uses the ILS approach in nav1 to automatically approach, flare and land. You will have to adjust, speed, flaps and gear. If you set the ILS to nav2 you would switch the source to that so APPR knows the glidescope etc. Switching to the GPS source and selecting NAV in the autopilot, will follow your FPL that you have created.

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