A350 Instrument Panel

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Since I’ve started this game I’ve flown the A350. I’m no expert but I always wonder what am I doing wrong in relation to my set up. I always have an OIS NOT AVAILABLE screen in my cockpit. Lol. 🤭. What do I have to do to get it showing he right thing? Not even sure what OIS means. Lol. Can someone clarify please? Greatly appreciate.


Those screens have always been inoperable, you are doing nothing wrong. maybe down the line in the future they may revisit the A350 and then we may get those screens but they are used for systems and because we dont have a FCS or flight computer for those who arent with the lingo simulated in the sim just now we wont have anything to add to those screens so they just say not Available.


Awesome! Thanks! Really hope they revamp soon. I mean I’m super happy with the A380 being revamped sooo lol I’ll be patient. A350-1000 is my fav aircraft though. Love it.


same here, i love the A350-1000 but i dont think it will be added anytime soon due to the A380 revamp and im pretty sure Jason said they wont focus on it anytime soon as they added the A359

Hopefully one day there is an update on the A350, it probably won’t be for a while though since there’s other planes that need more of a rework. This was my favorite plane and have always flown it in my earlier days on IF.

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Onboard Information Screen (OIS)

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