A350 - Innovation of the decade

Hello everyone!

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Today we’re taking a break from my standard action shots series and take some time to explore the new aircraft in the infinite flight skies. This photo was taken in a replay I have. I didn’t actually do this flight, but I saw a nearby aircraft and took a photo of it. Let me know what you think! Oh, and I’m getting subscription in about 10 days so embrace yourselves for some new photos!

(Sorry for the poor livery quality, despite putting rendering graphics on high it’s still like this)

Flight Details

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 XWB
Route: EGLL --> SCEL
Flight time: Unknown
Server: Expert

(This photo includes 2 lens flares. Lens flares are allowed per the new rules)

As always feedback and opinions are appreciated with open hands! Just please keep it constructive.

Thanks for looking see you around!


Absolutely stunning and really well made picture! Fantastic perspective and light conditions and two great aircrafts, really well done! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for your kind words, means a lot me!

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Wow, I really like the angle of the picture! The light from the nose gear has a really nice effect added to it. Good job, man, keep it up!

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So you have it too that other people’s liveries are very blurry? Oh and you might as well remove that tiny little link on the left of the picture😉

Great photo, I like the lens flare with that landing light. Stunning job again @AlphaSeven 👏👏

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Thanks! How did you even see that, I personally didn’t even know it was there! 😂

Yep, got the same problem. Not sure why though.

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Its really irritating when making screenshots… Well…, guess we have to live with it.

I saw a little white stripe through the LATAM logo😂, I looked closer and turned out it was a random link

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I’ll try fix it. Its hard when I deleted the file 😳

Sorry for having to close this. The landing light is much too edited. Please keep the lens flare to just a general edit of the photo, not to specific elements such as landing lights. This gives off the impression that is it a different aircraft lighting system.

Hope this explains it well enough!