A350 in the sky with Qatar!

It’s good to see the A350 now take to the sky. My first spot of it. Just found on the FlightRadar App.


It has been for a good 4 months now. And finnair & Vietnam also have them


TAM and Singapore already have one as well.

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Ours is bae <3


It flies to the airport I’m sitting in right now: JFK

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its been a year since that happened…

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Singapore don’t have theirs yet I’m pretty sure.

Last regularly scheduled a350 op was Finnair HEL-JFK and that lasted a week in early January. Has QR started its daily A350 to JFK already?

The a350 is a regular now, I managed to see it once when it was landing on 09R at PHL. It’s hard to spot because it arrives roughly 7:20-7:50a.m EST. it never arrives within a 10 minute time frame regularly, it’s always between 7:20-7:50am 🙁