A350 Hop To Madrid! (LHR-MAD)

For my first A350 flight I decided to do a short hop from London’s Heathrow airport to Madrid Barajas airport with my brother, @Chris_Wing. Flying this beauty is super fun! I’ve never found landing without the HUD very easy but with the A350, I’m slowly starting to get the feel for it. If you’re looking for short flight then I highly recommend to do this one.

Route: EGLL 🇬🇧 - LEMD 🇪🇸
Aircraft: Iberia A350-900
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1 hr 49 mins


Nice shots! I did this flight earlier today as well


Beautiful pictures. Hope you didn’t go MAD taking them :)


Thanks for the Kind words! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this beauty.

I thin I saw you in flight around 11:00 zulu.

That must’ve been a different person. I started at around 1700Z which was just over three and half hours ago.