A350 Help Needed

I know this isnt the place to but this but is anyone else having problems with the a350? 15 into my flight it would go from about 250KT to 170KT and stall out. Its happened a lot of times now.

Hey, are you climbing too fast perhaps?

Have you checked your VS? Autopilot? Weight? DeerCrusher has a good article on step climbing.


My cruise altitudes 38000. I am new to this game but I think I know what step climbing is. If step climbing is climbing to a altitude like 20000 ft before cruising altitude I am not doing that. Should I?

idk I am new to the game but I think 2300 VS is good is it?

It could be that you’re not monitoring your speed when you’re climbing. It decreases the higher you go.

Have a read of the topic linked by @_Smith. That should help you with step climbing. But yes, it is when you go to lets say 20’000ft. Wait. Then later up to 30’000ft etc.


Just helps burn off some fuel so that your plane is light enough to keep up it’s airspeed. Air acts different at 30 or 40,000 msl

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FL200 is too low, the air is really dense and your engines ineffective. FL300/310 is a good start even for the first 4 or so hours.

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