A350 going left to right, can’t control

Every flight the A350 goes out of control. Mostly after take-off it start to go left to right and stabilizes in flight. At landing, like today at 5.000ft, again begins to go from left to right. It stalls a bit, although speed and flap are good. This time at Auckland could not get him under control. I would like to send my replay to a developer, thanks!


Did you have it on autopilot with windy situations? Was the connection icon (top right of screen) red? This does seem quite odd


Upload your replay here to see if we can help you.

The only time we’ve seen this is during very low speeds on AP control, close to stall. Sounds like it might be the case?


No I was at around 200kts 4.000ft and it already begins. I just upload my replay file. At NZAA I even could not get him to go left anymore. I increased speed too, nothing worked. Thanks for looking into it. It’s every time I fly A350.

Uploaded to the website, thanks!

What is the replay code? We need it in order to view it.

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I’m not getting anything from that file. It imports but it’s blank. 784 bytes.

Yep, same here

Are you calibrated?

Don’t know why, second attempt, for me its 22 MB

I see a stall here. What I don’t quite understand is why, but it’s hard to say without all the details which is not shown in the replay.

But… the integrity of this replay file is questionable. Getting some really weird response when poking around.


If you look from the take-off till mid flight you see the same, going from left to right all the time. Is there a way to have more details in the replay, I don’t think you can have the HUB shown in replay?

If you want I can make the movie in mp4.

If you can make a screen recording of you actually experiencing this, it would be way more helpful.

I screen recorded the replay 🤷‍♂️

Not really a help but putting it out there 🤷‍♂️

It’s a pain that winds aren’t shown, the past few months Europe has been battered by storms so it’s difficult to tell what winds you had as replays are measured in ground speed.

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Will do it!

Are you taking off with HDG activated?

No, when I am at 1.500ft I put on AP.
Descending with AP, only at 6 nm out I go fully manual.
I made a screen recording, how can I send that to you?