A350 glitches

Hello everyone!
So I was flying a flight from Helsinki to Tokyo and I encountered a problem. I was asleep so I didn’t know. It started to lose speed a lot. I was going Mach .84 and suddenly it started to lose speed and turn a lot. Then it reached 140 knots and dropped steeply and I got a violation. Is there a way to repeal or if anyone knows what is going on?

If it was really a glitch then you should be able to appeal that violation. That being said, we cannot help much so your best bet would be to contact @ appeals

Thank you!

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Were you using IF assistant?

No I don’t know what tat is

No worries - as said above, your best bet is to contact @appeals

If thé violation is systèm generated or if it a Level 1 violation, it won’t effect Your grade

My guess: you were too high for your aircraft weight and stalled.

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Being handled in Appeals