A350 Freighter

With the A350f variant being announced, I feel this would be nice to be in IF as there is definitely a lack of cargo aircraft in IF. A quick background on the A350F: The A350F was announced in 2021 and set to be in service around 2025. It is already giving Boeing a challenge in the cargo industry.


Credits: Air Lease becomes A350F launch customer as part of broader large Airbus order | News | Flight Global

I don’t have a vote, be I will support you. It is good idea ! They need to add it

I think this would be an interesting addition to the sim. I support!


Woah woah slow down, this aircraft was just announced

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The 787-10 was added on here even though it wasn’t even in the process of production and even flying.

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More just on the A350F itself, why would cargo airlines pay twice as much for this instead of a cheap 777F or 767F?

Nevertheless cool idea and it could be added.

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Wait I can vote now ! Nice idea

It carries more cargo and can go farther than a 777

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Because it’s one of an option to replace B747F and B777F. It’s efficient, add carries more payload, increase more range and it meets on ICAO CO2 Emissions Standards in 2027


A new customer order :-)


is it true that the A350F will be longer than the A359 but shorter than the A35X? I heard it somewhere.

Yes. It’s 70.1 m long. while -900 is 66.8 m and the -1000 is 73.8 m

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Cargo airlines don’t look for efficient planes. They’re not flying a lot of cycles compared to passenger variants. Cargo airlines are willing to pay for the maintenance of older airframes and the cost to get them flying. Cargo is more profitable than passengers and I wouldn’t be surprised if Boeing dropped the 777xF.

Yeah as @Capt.SkyWalker answerd also the A350F will get the stronger Landing gear from the A350-1000 as well as the Engines from the A350-1000

I disagree. Cargo Companies are looking for an aircraft that has more payload, volume with a suitable Range. B747-400F are pretty old and spare parts are becoming rare. Let’s accept it that Quad jet and tri-jet are now being sold or scrap soon or later. why? because those are not met in the 2027-2028 ICAO CO2 Emission standard. Regarding with conversion aircraft, is a cheaper way to save money ATM.

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Sadly, I have to agree with you! Quad jets are still sheesh tho :(

While I agree with the payload aspect of things, I disagree about range. An adequate range similar to the 777F is suitable enough for cargo airlines. Majority of carriers have more stops in between their routes vs non stop cargo service.

Trijet era (MD-11) still has a decade of service left, at least with American cargo carriers as well as the quad jet era. Only trijet that has been decommissioned as of recently are the DC/MD-10-10 with their counterparts MD-10-30 expected to follow within the next year or so. With the ongoing pandemic, people are shifting over to e commerce and becoming more accustomed to the norms of e commerce with a predicament that guarantees another decade of service for the aircraft types mentioned above.

There is a possibility the Cargo Carrier “maybe” reduced on stop over / mutiple leg flights because having multipe flight / stop over it may increased on Pilot stress / fatigue. Having A350F and B77XF make more sense to have greater range in order to reduce stress / fatigue. There’s no sufficient data, but based on some of historic incident or accident, that could be a possible factor.

Like as I said above, those are not met in the 2027-2028 ICAO CO2 Emission standard. They maybe flying for few years, but they still be gone in the future. Like for a example what Lufthansa Cargo retired all MD11F, which Lufthansa cargo are the last tri-jet operator in Europe and they replaced on B777F for a better performance, payload, volume and efficiency.