A350 free in solo?

In solo mode (I have no subscription) the aircraft options feel limited. The only commercial options are: A321, A380 (Outdated), 717 (Outdated), 737-700, 747-400 (Outdated), and the CRJ-200. The outdated aircraft aren’t that fun to play with because of their physics. I’m not saying it has to be free, but the game will be more enjoyable with the A350 free, when it’s released.

I already asked this and the devs said if I remember correctly it won’t be cause of the time they put into this

Noooooooooo at least the reason is legit

I know I’m sad to

That’s because making the planes cost money. The streaming services so you can play the game with the scenery costs money. You’re limited for many factors. And you have access the planes with Live Cockpits. I believe even a version of the Xcub is available for non pro players so.