A350 freakout

I tested it where I put my total aircraft weight very low and very high and the results were the same

What were the winds at the time?

In that case it is almost certainly weight related, and step climbing will help. Using a flight plan (https://fpltoif.com/simbrief) is the easiest way to do this, as it will tell you the correct altitude for each waypoint on the flight plan.

Well the same thing happened at 9kts and 95 kts

Let’s wait for @schyllberg. He’ll be able to help.

I don’t know if it’s step climbing because it happens when he’s light, too.

I think this a bug. I recall experiencing this myself but on a different aircraft. After reinstall, it never came up. Idk tho, if that can solve it.

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Also the a350 isn’t in fpltoif

Very valid, when in doubt it never hurts to reinstall and see if that helps.

That’s a third-party app. You’ll have to wait until the creator adds it.

It is, it is just listed as the first option (not where anyone would expect it to be) :)

I think you’ll find the A350 is in FPLtoIF

Can you show us the replay file?

A replay will barely help here.
What would be needed, is a screen recording showing all vital elements such as weight, AP settings etc.

I’ve logged 100+ hrs in the A350 without any issues such as these… so a lot of details is needed for this.


When it wobbles around a lot does it look something like this?

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If it does then it would be fair to say that the aircraft is too heavy for the altitude you’re trying to cruise at.

FL370 at a load of 133% is beyond heavy.


280kts indicated im assuming. In that case, it’s sufficient

The aircraft is overweight to begin with, maybe cruise at a lower altitude

I made that video to see if that’s what it looks like for them, not that I have the same issue. Until they respond we won’t know if it is what it looks like for them. If it is what it looks like here’s some information on it.

  • 97 knot tail / crosswind
  • 49 knot gusts
  • Maximum load
  • Severe turbulence

ahh, okay, my mistake, I was in a rush to do other things didn’t read the top. My apologies

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