A350 freakout

When I reach FL370 and above and am on AP, my a350 starts wobbling everywhere. Any idea why or is it a bug? If I take it off AP and fly manually it stops.

What was your speed and weight when it last happened? If you were early on in the flight, step climbing is helpful so you don’t fall out of the sky.

It happens when I’m light and heavy

Whats your average speed in Air Speed.

This is very likely because you are too heavy to cruise at that altitude. I would recommend checking A Guide to Step Climbing out to see if it helps explain what is happening and how to avoid similar issues in the future. If it doesn’t seem applicable we will likely need more information (speed and weight / load) to help diagnose.

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What was your speed when it last happened?

M 0.85 or around 280 kts

He says that it happens when he’s light too.

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Ok I’ll try step climbing, thanks.

That’s not 280 knots. If you’re going that slow, you need to go way faster. That’s why.

M .85 is about 510 knots at FL340, not 280, so there is a big disconnect here.

Fair point, and I didn’t see that when drafting the response. Light can mean many things though, which is why load % or weight would be helpful.

I believe he is talking about IAS, not ground speed. If so, 280kts seems normal.

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Yes my ground speed was around 490 kts

Did you happen to be banking at the time?

No, I was going straight

I tested it where I put my total aircraft weight very low and very high and the results were the same

What were the winds at the time?

In that case it is almost certainly weight related, and step climbing will help. Using a flight plan (https://fpltoif.com/simbrief) is the easiest way to do this, as it will tell you the correct altitude for each waypoint on the flight plan.

Well the same thing happened at 9kts and 95 kts