A350 FPS lag and drop

Hello everyone. Whenever I fly the a350 my frames instantly drop and lag. They go down to like 5 frames per second. Someone please help cause I really want to fly the a350. Am I the only one with this issue?

Welcome to the community! i do get a bit of drop in my FPS not much tho. what devive do you use?

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I use a IPad 5th generation. I forgot to mention I get these massive FPS drops when I fly all airplanes which have advanced features like live cockpits. So I get massive FPS drops when I fly the a321, a320, and I get the most FPS drops when I fly the a350

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maybe just have a check on your graphic setting. apart from that i dont know what else to do. sorry im not much help :( .

What year did your iPad come out? Age could be a factor.

The iPad 5th Gen. came out in 2017 so it is starting to get old - I would turn down your graphics settings to ensure smoother performance.


One other thing I might recommend would be to make sure you clear any other apps from running in the background, but otherwise I think @BennyBoy is onto it, seems like your iPad may just not be capable of running the newer parts of the simulator at whatever settings you currently use.

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