A350 FP bug

See attached bug in vnav screen of A350. That happens when I change a FP in route to destination. I no longer can use it to plan VSpeed.


Hmm thats weird have you tried re-installing the app

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A re-install should be the last resort. You loose all your replays if you do that.

Have you closed and reopened the app? Or rebooted your device, @Spartandefense?

I have the same issue.

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Have rebooted app and didn’t work. Will try reinstalling.

I had that issue before.
It happened during approach and I tried to change range of ND to 10nm and when I got closer to destination (below 10nm)than it just fixed by itself. I’m not sure if it was just lucky

It’s a known issue that will be rectified in the future. I know because I had the same issue and posted it here a while ago.


Thanks for the post!

Thanks for the report :)