A350 Formation over New Zeland

Some Background

Yesterday, me and a bunch of fellow IFATCs went out and decided to fly a formation flight in the new A350 over the beautiful New Zeland. We had great fun with a formation takeoff, a few different formation setups in flight, a few breakups, a go around and a formation landing, and I think the photos that came out of it are incredible.

We flew on the Expert Server, from Ohakea (NZOH) to Wellington (NZWN) with a premade flight plan, but ended up extending it a bit to get more time to enjoy the planes and scenery.

Onto the Photos

Let me just get straight to it, here they are. Enjoy!

Our first formation shortly after takeoff

The Flight Deck and the Raccoon

Diamond Formation

Final approach to Wellington

Thanks a lot for the great flight @Jakub_Astary @NJ24 and @Captain_Zen!



Great screenshots! The formation flight was really amazing yesterday, thank you once again!


Thanks for coming out! I had a lot of fun, hope you enjoyed it at least as much as I did! :)


You made really nice pictures out of it🤗


Wow them screenshots are amazing! Especially the diamond one!


Thank you!


Yeah, I love that one a lot as well. Thanks!

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Wow 😯
This is amazing!
Is there a tool you used to coordinate pilots’ actions? Like a Skype room or something similar?

Thanks for the kind words. There is an IFATC Slack that we use to communicate, so all our communication was text-based. Definitely a challenge when every second matters :)

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Text-based? 😳 Really? You are crazy ahah.
Congratulations even more.
Let me advise you the app “Team Speak 3” for Pc/Mac/iOS/Android. It’s free and it works well like an automatic walkie-talkie with private rooms. I used it some months ago for real-time communications into another game. Try it! 😊

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out. I enjoy the text based comms as it means we have to pay a lot of attention to what the others are doing and adapt. Very challenging, but also very fun

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Awesome job!

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They’re all beautiful

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Thanks guys! Glad you liked them

I’m happy u guys enjoyed my country 😁

Beautiful scenery, you’re really lucky :)

I really like the pics great job, not just for the pic but the formation as well.

Thanks for the kind words Joslley, glad you liked them! :)