A350 formation + other pics

Sooooooooo, today… I did a formation flight with my dear friend @RednoseHeavy and @T1MMY4L1F3_YT. I don’t say much about this as it may spoil something. (I want to to be a surprise)

flight details
route: n/a
plane: a350
flight time: n/a

Here are the photos,

Needed to turn around, so my buddies could catch up

Banking in the sunset version 1

Banking in the sunset version 2

Moonshot with the formation


Yes, I have a bonus for you guys as this will be the last screenshot topic I’ll make of this decade

flight details
route: Kinshasa-n/a
plane: 787
flight time: n/a

@Ecoops123 rotating out of Kinshasa

And then there’s me rotating out of Kinshasa in the sunset

And of course, climbing in the sunset

Thanks for viewing. As I already said, this’ll be the last screenshot topic I make for this decade. So I’m wishing you guys a merry Christmas and best wishes for next year 🎇🎄❤️

Bye, hope to see you in the skies soon🛫


Merry Christmas to u too m8, Happy landings to ya ;)

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Thanks, happy landings😊😄

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The Moonshot Formation; It’s A Class of Its Own 🌟

Wish You A Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Safe Landings 🥳

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Thanks mate😊❤️

Happy landings to you too🛬😁

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Stunning pictures mate!

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Recording for a movie 😎


Thanks you mate, I wish you a merry Christmas and a stunning new year🎇

@RednoseHeavy I know, I know😉

Yes, beautiful a350

Ok, last time… I don’t wanna spoil the movie🤫🤭