A350 for infinite flight

When is infinite flight going to realease the a350 family?? It’s been a long time since it started flying, shouldn’t be one of the priorities for further updates?


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There currently isn’t enough information about the A350 yet for the devs to collect and bring that to Infinite Flight. Therefore we won’t see the A350 for another year or beyond

While we are at it…

Check out the update that is coming to Infinite Flight Soon!

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As balloonchaser said, there is not enough info about it yet since it’s release. It will probably come out not soon but maybe next year.

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Adding on this would you rather wait a few months and have a limited plane or wait several months and have an extremely detailed plane with complex aerodynamics. To be honest I would wait 1 year for FDS to get everything right.

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Just to add to my previous points which they’ve kindly linked, new doesn’t mean it needs to be added. At this time the A350 also does not satisfy the direction we’d like to take as a simulator and the need for diversity along with a fleet of equal quality.